Forum rules

Welcome to the CyberMova forum!

Dear forum users: 

  • Choose the appropriate forum category, otherwise, post to Misc ;
  • Before you send a request for translation please ensure absence of the words in any online dictionaries ;
  • Indicate email addresses in a way to avoid spam. Make it simple - replace @ with [dog] and . with [dot]. 

What is prohibited:

  1. To use obscenities and hints of these expressions;
  2. To insult the honor and dignity of the forum users, citizens of Ukraine or other countries;
  3. Using slang;
  4. Using a font size larger than your signature font general forum;
  5. Adding links to topics of other forums whose posts are hidden from guests;
  6. Leave a promotional message;
  7. Leave messages not related to a specific subject matter (flood).

Attention to Forum participants: 

  • A rule violation is punishable with a "read only" (view only) ban for 3 days. 
  • Users who violate the rules of the forum more than 2 times will be removed. 
  • Advertising in signature is equated to a violation of paragraph 6 of the Rules. 
  • Users who will violate paragraphs 6 and 7 will be removed without warning! 
  • User profiles that have not activated your account within 5 days after registration will be deleted from the database. 


  • Approved avatar size 90x140 pixels; 
  • Permissible size of userbar (picture in the signature) 350x19 pixels, allowed quantity - 1. 

Once a month account deletion is actualized. These are accounts of people who: 

  1. Not activated their accounts 
  2. Have not attended a forum for more than 1 year 
  3. Placed an advertisement in the signature. 

If you want your profile be retained please take an appropriate action. No accounts to be deleted for users having at least one post in the forum.

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