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May be you know that in Italian alphabet wowel may have a written accent mark e.g. "portò"= he brought, that is different from "porto" = harbour. How is in Ukrainian language the translation of "wowel with accent mark" ?

In Italian language we have 5 wowel, 20 consonant and a letter "J" that is not a wowel neither a consonant, it is a semi-consonant, like is Ukrainian Й. How do you call it ?

Can you suggest me an Ukrainian handwriting font with all Ukrainian letter: I've found a good one Azbuka03_D, but i hasn't the letter Ґ.



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    This situation is proper for Ukrainian. Shift of the accent or lexical stress may cause a word to change its grammatical function and/or meaning (semantics). In rare cases moving to another valid accent position nothing changes.

    If you check in VymovaPro or VymovaPlus grammatical details for "руки" it will hifglight "рукиˊ" as genitive singular (of the hand) and "руˊки" as plural (hands) for the same entry "рука" (a hand). You may check more terms: землі, місяці, розрізати...

    To check whether a term may have more than one meaning depending on stress position you may use the same tool or a translation dictionary on line or within VymovaPro. Thus grammatical details for "обід" will show two entries and a translation dictionary will give two translations: a dinner for "обід" and a rim for "оˊбід". Try to check more words: замок, орган, сорок, роботи, нічого, and even Київ.

    In an arbitrary text we count more than 5% of words, which a human reader may distinguish by the context. However, this is hard for a computer program like text-to-speech synthesizer. Anyway, accent is marked in very rare ambiguous cases and for studying purposes.

    Ukrainian Й we call "yot" or seldom "i-short". In text it may be used as a Ukrainian word "i" (and) but naturally after or before a vowel.

    I found a resource Ukrainian handwriting fonts with hundreds of fonts and most of them looks complete.

  • Thanks for your answers, but maybe my questions were not enough clear -(
    1. I'd like to know how to translate "wowel with written accent mark", could it be: голосний з акцентуванням " ?
    2. Our Italian letter "J" isn't a wowel nor a consonant and we call it "semiconsonante" that coul be roughfly translated in English as "semi-consonant" or "half-consonant". I'm wondering if there is a corresponding Ukrainian grammatical word.
  • Ok, your questions actually are less complicated :)

    1. "vowel with written accent mark" we call "vowel stressed", e.g., оˊ - "о наголошена".

    2. Ukrainian Й is called consonant, which is always soft (palatalized). However, in some cases phoneticians call it "vocalized" (вокалічна, вокалізована).
    Consider words: "твоє" /твойеˊ/ -- "й" is consonnant and "йшов" /ĭшоˊў/ -- "й" is vocalized. Note, similar feature is proper for "в".
    If you interested exactly in what positions this happen I may cite the source.

  • Many thanks !
  • Thanks ! But I still wonder if пів-преголосний could be a correct definition for our J
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